The 沃巴什县商会 of Commerce is your voice of business in Wabash County. We are here to assure that the business concerns of our members are addressed and properly handled. Our priority is to promote Wabash County Businesses present and future and to assure that anyone local or not so local receives any and all the information that they might need to expand or create new business in our own area.

支持 & promoting area business while enhancing the quality of life in our community.



The Chamber Office gives referrals to businesses, organizations, and individuals on a daily bases.


The Chamber Office works with all local media in the promotion of our members and their events.







-Featured Business of the Week





The Chamber Office emails a weekly newsletter, “室事件”, out each week that talks about what is going on with the Chamber, 会员特价, 成员事件, 零售商户委员会, 新会员公告, 及社区活动.  作为商会会员, you would have the opportunity to get information in the newsletter as well as, 知道发生了什么.


-Listing on the Chamber website as well as posts on our Facebook page.

-免费的 job opening post on the Chamber website.

-Creates a 会员 Directory biannually to use as a reference guide.

-Provides member advertising and customer referrals through business and organizational listings.

-Provides a personally autographed “1st Dollar” signed by the Mayor of Mount 卡梅尔, 对于新业务.

-Enhances sales by local merchants through the public sale of Merchant Gift Checks.

-Enables you to be part of several $500.00 scholarships awarded to selected MCHS Graduating Seniors.

-Provides advertising and customer service to its members.

-Signs and seals a manufacturing certificate of origin upon request of its members.

-Provides each member with a membership logo.

-Promotes local events to enhance tourism and quality of life in Wabash County.

-Secret shopper services available to evaluate the quality of customer service and web presence.

事件:   Chamber Bowling Night Out    Administrative Professionals Day Luncheon    Golf Outing   Picnic In The Park     Chamber Ag Days   Annual Banquet    Mt. 卡梅尔圣诞游行


问问商会成员 “为什么要成为商会会员?”



AirEvac: Annual membership fee discount forms available at 3u.mallgroups.com/forms

后院Bouncin”: 每100美元的租金可减免5美元

啤酒骨头烧烤: $50 off $500 or more of catering

大乔恩的午餐盒: $25 off $500 or more catering

大R农场 & 家: 10% entire purchase of Clothing & 鞋子

Bobe的披萨 X姜汁酒: 买20美元的东西减1美元

七叶树: 免费的 soft drink/tea with purchase of meal

咖啡馆82:3: Buy 10 large drinks and get the 11th 免费的

咖啡馆82:3: 5% off $100+ catering services

让我完美上色: $150 off any event or floral design

科文印刷: 10% copies including wedding invitations/accessories.

CTB汽车维修: 10% brake pad replacement

折衷的精品: $10 off purchase of $75+ regular priced merchandise

Elaine Hipsher,玫琳凯: 10% Discount with a Free Mary Kay facial (812) 890-1938

快攻: LG 1披萨9美元.仅限99 MTC位置. Please call ahead M-S 11a-7p

福克纳: $39.95 oil change (Up to 5 quarts non-synthetic)

Gottman的: 免费的 ring inspection and cleaning

的磨: $2 off any finished product local fanwear item

Hairport: Free eyebrow wax with cut and color service

Health Insurance Associates: No cost life insurance need analysis with no obligation

JammOn Jaleigh: 1 免费的 星期五ed Pickles w/ $25+

就在拐角处: 折扣因供应商而异

kblooma花店: 免费的 delivery on $25+ order

KellyO: 免费的 fountain drink w/ $25+


麦当劳: 50美分的甜筒冰淇淋

Mt. 卡梅尔乡村国王: 10% your entire purchase of Clothing & 鞋子

皮特的产生: 50元买5元

必胜客: 全部购买可享15%折扣

高级健身: No activation fee upon signup.   $5 off 我的thly Electronic Transfer

路尾牧场:  5% off venue rental for wedding or reception

Rosati: 免费的 Dough Nuggets w/purchase of $25+

R 'z咖啡馆: 免费的 non-alcoholic drink w/ meal

S&户外活动: 5% off any in-store purchase

S&户外活动: 订单打九折

1418号铺位(WGH): 50元买5元

史密斯珠宝商: 10% any purchase $50 or more (some restriction apply)

灵魂的美丽: $10 off any retail purchase of $100

地铁: $5 off catering order of $25+

斯威夫特的圣地:  住两晚,得到3rd consecutive night 免费的 (limit 1 free night per stay)

Taco Tierra: 免费的 LG Drink w/ food purchase of $6 (MTC only)

龙舌兰酒的: $2.50 off purchase of $25 or more (MTC only) (我的day-坐urday)


贾斯汀家具: 免费的 delivery in Wabash County


两个农民: One 免费的 regular drink w/ purchase of $10+

WGH疗法: 购买即送饮料

惠塔克牛肉: $50 off a $500+ catering order

野玫瑰新娘: 15% off storewide: formals, bridal, and tuxes


清洁的好东西 & 组织服务: 10%

球场: 1 免费的 flyer or graphic design for new customers

Health Insurance Associates: No cost life insurance need analysis with no obligation

Kemper会计师: 免费的 1 hr new client consultation for prospective new business clients

梅布尔的. 考特青年中心: $25 OFF any building rental, contact name Lynette Klostermann (618) 262-5267

WVC新闻频道15/89.1 . Bash: 1 month $100 Grand Opening Introductory Package exclusively for 商会成员企业 who launch new businesses.  Thirty second TV spots in each newscast played in that month on News Channel 15 – and 5 thirty second spots per day for that month on 89.1舞会.